Case Study

The Challenge

COCO5 is a clean sports hydration beverage and is currently the drink of choice in over 70+ Professional and Collegiate locker rooms. Athletes at the highest level choose to drink COCO5 because of its hydrating benefits, naturally occurring electrolytes and no artificial ingredients. COCO5 was created in Chicago by a lead athletic trainer of the NHL and has had a successful outcome running within the United States. COCO5 Chicago’s Team realized it was time to expand into Canada but needed assistance in increasing brand awareness into the Canadian market. The overall challenge was not having any employees in Canada, nor marketing materials to execute a successful launch. 


The Process

GreenFresh presented COCO5 with a yearly activation plan including sampling COCO5 in-store at retailers across Canada such as Longo’s, Sobeys, Metro etc. as well as sponsoring events and other sports themed outdoor activations. GreenFresh hand selected a group of brand ambassadors to join the COCO5 team from our database of over 200 brand ambassadors and presented them to the client. Once approved, the GreenFresh team hosted in office training sessions to educate their new Brand Ambassador team on the history of COCO5, ingredients and key messaging. The BA’s were now trained, hired and ready for an incredible summer of activations!


The Solution

COCO5 was thrilled with the execution process by GreenFresh and the simplicity of the on-boarding. GreenFresh sourced new branded tents, pop-up banners, wrapped 3 vehicles including a Jeep, Ford Flex and a shipping van, and created COCO5 merchandise for all employees. In 2019, GreenFresh successfully executed 12+ large scale outdoor events, 150+ in-store activations which resulted in over 300,000 consumers sampled!


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