Case Study

The Challenge

Co-Founded by Jennifer Gardner, Once Upon a Farm is cold-pressed organic baby food in the form of a smoothie. Pure fruit and vegetable blends straight from the farm with no preservatives, concentrates or pre-processed purees, dairy or added sugar. Since being a very popular brand in the United States Once Upon A Farm was looking to expand their brand into the Canadian market. Their challenge to increase overall brand exposure to ensure a smooth and successful launch. Their team decided the best way to blitz the Canadian market was to launch an influencer campaign and showcase over various social media platforms. Once Upon A Farm needed assistance in launching this influencer campaign, needed a team to packaging the influencer boxes  as well as determine a solution to reduce shipping costs and border fees. 

The Process

GreenFresh presented Once Upon a Farm with an influencer campaign strategy that would fit their needs in launching a successful campaign. GreenFresh had to source over 50 influencers across Canada hitting every province that met the persona of Once Upon A Farms expectations. Our team needed to work very close with the Once Upon A Farm team to ensure the logistics of the process would run smooth - being a cold pressed smoothie the influencer boxes need to be shipped out as soon as the product is picked up from the cold storage warehouse. 

The Solution

GreenFresh then built a team to work on the influencer campaign to pick up product, package and distribute. Each team member was designed a specific task for each step of the logistics process. Each influencer box consisted of two of each SKU, personalized hand-written note, cooler packs and coupons. Each of the 50 Canadian influencers had received their box and displayed their shipment all over social media, tagging Once Upon A Farm. Overall, the campaign was a success and GreenFresh now has the opportunity to launch a second round for their next influencer campaign. 


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